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aaah I couldn’t wait to do a few other things before I’d get to post this (since I’m so damn slow at things or maybe it’s the lack of time) so I just had to post this now and since I had the chance. I lost my internet on friday and I’m waiting for it to be fixed today, hopefullybythetimeIgethome~

I was trying to draw Karkat for the first time so this was kind of supposed to stay as a sketch, but it turned out really good (beginner’s luck sob! stuff I want to draw never turn out quite as good///) so I got carried away and made it a finished drawing. And I finally had time to actually get into a drawing after all those exams and stuff I had to do for school. drawgasm!!
Sorry I’m rambling!

Related to a gift I’m doing for Nicki, so this one is a gift for him, too~
Hope you like this pro bro \*u*/

I’ll post a proper post later today! Right now I’m having my lunchbreak. I’ll run to my class now! *gets shot down by Isu* I just got your msgs haha;;
Oh, I also thought I’d try giving out gifts this christmas. hahahaprettylate I couldn’t do any last year (and the year before that, I failed at it after I got two done and I gave up by the time I got on the third orzzz)

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    Oh god Haru, his eyes! HIS EYES and the flods of the shirt. GIRL YOU BE DRAWING SO FRESH N’ FLY.
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    This Is So Badass
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    omg your karkat is the cutest THE CUTEHSJFDSKG EVERYTHING IN THIS PICTURE IS AMAZING N’ SO WELL DONE n’ it looks like...
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